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Full Time Maids or Part Time Maids in Dubai, Which is Better?

Full Time Maids or Part Time Maids in Dubai, Which is Better?

With a busy schedule, managing everything at home can be difficult. There are hardly enough hours in the day to be able to get everything done. Hence, having extra help from a maid is vital, as most individuals in Dubai are determined to lead a fulfilling life. But if you are confused between hiring part-time maids in Dubai or full-time maids then this blog will help you decide better!

Why you should consider getting a part time maids in Dubai?

Leaving work and going home to do housework or cleaning all weekend is not an option. Maid services come in handy, allowing you to spend time with your loved ones. However, you should know whether you need part-time or full-time maid services. It is important to do your research before hiring a full-time maid in Dubai. And know what type of cleaning service you are looking for.

Full Time Maids or Part Time Maids in Dubai, Which is Better?

Moreover, in most circumstances, families in Dubai will hire a full-time maid if they have newborns or young children, so many families are looking for only those. If they need the maid services for at least two years to take care of young children, they take the maid full time. On the other hand, families who do not need permanent assistance mostly go for part-time maids in Dubai UAE. You should also make sure that you have maid insurance when you get a maid because it is mandatory.

Part Time and Full Time Maid Services

Now, if you are wondering is it better to get part-time maids in Dubai with a choice of selected hours? If yes then 247BookingApp Cleaners in Dubai has 6 monthly plans along with an option to customize your maid plan according to your choice. Below you can check all the benefits if you subscribe to our monthly plans with part-time or full-time maid cleaners.

Advantages of Hiring a Part-Time Maid Services

Maids with More Productivity

Usually, part-time maids in Dubai UAE work fewer hours than full-time maids. Therefore, if you hire a person, they will not be under much pressure from working so much, and therefore they will be more productive. They tend to be more focused because they get paid based on a certain number of hours. They will complete your work efficiently within the stipulated time. If you are asking to finish your home business quickly, having a part-time maid is a better option. Plus, we have nannies as well if you are a new mother who wants to hire a nanny then you can get it all under one roof.

Cost-Effectiveness of Part Time Maids

When you hire part-time maids in Dubai by 247BookingApp Cleaners, you won’t have to worry about paying her too much. The fact that they don’t live with you and you don’t pay expenses other than the hours they worked, makes them much cheaper. You are not required to pay a monthly salary. You only pay for their services when you need them.

Full Time Maids or Part Time Maids in Dubai

Maids with Better Expertise

Our Part-time professional maids receive highly qualified training and can perform household chores accordingly. Plus, we ensure that our part-time maids in Dubai provide you with the best quality services. You can be sure that all your expectations are met. They have extensive experience working in different families and are always learning new skills. Also, you will get the SAME MAID GUARANTEED with the first free trial.


No matter you choose a part-time maid service or a full-time maid service in Dubai from 247BookingApp Cleaners, there are pros and cons. You will decide which one is right for you depending on your circumstances. You may have to sacrifice some pleasures for good services. In general, having a maid is very useful and convenient. Check all our monthly plans with selected hours and subscribe to start your free trial. Or call us at 800-25326464.